Established in the year1985, Instant Remedies have grown to be India’s oldest and most revered healthcare companies. We provide consumers with a diverse range of diagnostics solutions, medical devices and nutritional products. We have established a strong pharmaceutical presence within a very short span of time.
Instant Remedies has spread its wings into the domestic Indian- Market covering all major states. We are determined to capture a major market share of the Indian Pharmaceutical Market in the coming time
Positioned as a market leader in pharmaceuticals, nutrition, devices and diagnostic care – we are a key brand offering relevant healthcare services in India. When it comes to delivering innovative solutions to our customers, we leave no stones unturned in pioneering technology that is both path-breaking and revolutionary.
This we achieve by employing culture that believes in diversity to source its talent, expertise and technology. Our team is spread across geographies, utilizing the most modern and powerful technologies.
The result is evident and reflects foremost in our happy customers and then through our stakeholders and shareholders. Instant Remedies has been able to make an enduring impact on millions of people who are in pursuit of leading healthy lives.
In fact, our diversity has enabled us to offer enormous solutions to people at every stage of life and hold our advancement in global health. This in turn has enabled them to not just live, but live longer, better and healthier.

Instant In India

Established in 2001, Instant in India is one of the country’s oldest and most admired healthcare companies. We provide consumers with a diverse range of diagnostics solutions, medical devices, nutritional products and established pharmaceuticals that span the continuum of care.

Life At Instant

Welcome to one of the most exciting growth stories in the pharmaceutical industry. At the very heart of INSTANT and our phenomenal growth story is our biggest asset - Our People. We are proud of their passion and commitment to the company and the alignment of their aspirations and dreams to our shared vision. Our growth and successes are met equally by even greater steps to ensure that we not only comply but lead in areas of processes and human relations to unleash and harness innovation at every level within the organization. It is the behavior of our leadership team and our people, their shared wisdom, which has gone into creating the business democracy that is INSTANT - a Company where entrepreneurship and innovation thrive.

Our Values


We conduct ourselves with uncompromising integrity and honesty and insist on the highest ethical standards and transparency from our employees in all interactions. Everything we do must stand public scrutiny.


We align efforts and energies of our people across all levels and geographies to deliver outstanding results to our stakeholders. We encourage diverse opinions and yet work together in a coordinated and mutually supportive way.


We are compassionate and sensitive towards all our stakeholders and treat them the way we would expect to be treated. We provide equal and fair opportunity for employment, learning and career development.


We relentlessly pursue excellence through innovation and continuous improvement in all our projects, processes and products. To set our standards, we benchmark with the best in the World.


We empower our employees to generate new ideas, explore avenues and offer solutions that add exceptional value. We encourage them to build ownership in all endeavors by assuming responsibility with passion and conviction.


We strive to understand and meet customer needs in a professional and responsive manner. We focus on building long term partnerships for mutual benefit and take responsibility for delivering on our commitment.