Mission and Vision

Our mission sources inspiration from our values that is deep rooted in our business. Our business believes "To be An Innovation Led, Transnational Pharmaceutical Company.” This is our motto...this is our credo!

Healthcare is society’s most challenging issue and only an innovation based scientific approach can help elevate this situation. It is therefore important to bring breakthrough treatments and pharmaceutical solutions that ara both affordable and instant. We also need to find a way to extend these solutions to people at large, spread it to as many people as possible.

Along with our novel aim to help people we also want to return the favour to our shareholders. They have invested their resources, money, time and ideas in our company. If we succeed, somewhere down the line, it is also their efforts that strengthen our endeavours.

At Instant Remedies, we stress on developing the value of diversity and create a supportive, equitable and fair environment. This helps in building an even ground for our customers, shareholders, our team and other stakeholders.

Our values are the cornerstone of our mission

Innovation – The zest to keep working, keep experimenting and keep delivering solutions that help the humanity and bring betterment in their existence.

Quality – We take great pride in making something extraordinary from ordinary things. Instant Remedies is relentlessly pursuing excellence through continuous improvements that trickle down to each and every aspect of our - projects, processes and products. Our standards are set high because we have benchmarked our quality with only the best in the world.

Collaboration - We align efforts and synergies, cultivating high performing teams that are very diverse as they are inclusive. Spread across all levels and geographies, we believe in delivering terrific results to all our stakeholders. By encouraging diverse opinions, we rely on working together in well coordinated and mutually supportive way.

Courage – It is the single most important element to achieve anything in life. And that’s exactly what we try in inducing among our stakeholders and staff - courage to speak up, give and receive feedback.

Performance – Our biggest priority is to make things happen for good. For this we inculcate entrepreneurial spirit in our team and empower our employees to generate new ideas, explore avenues and offer solutions that add exceptional value. We hone them to take ownership in all endeavours by steeping into leadership roles that matches their responsibility with passion and strong will with conviction.

Integrity – We work keeping high ethical standards at every step in our business. Something as delicate as heath of a human needs equally uncompromising integrity, honesty and transparency in all interactions. Everything we do is open to public scrutiny.

Customer focus

The pivot of our entire endeavour is customer. That’s why we focus on building long term partnerships for mutual benefit and take responsibility for delivering on our commitment.